Leads vs. Booked Jobs
Understand the difference between these two types of Jobs and how they relate
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Simply put, a Lead is considered any job that has not yet been booked. It is a potential booking. When you receive an inquiry from a potential client - either from your website's contact form, email, phone, etc. - you should enter it into ShootQ as a job (either click the "Quick Job" link in the upper right or the "New Job" button under the Jobs tab). All jobs - whether Leads or Booked - will appear under the Jobs tab.

Creating a job for your lead will keep you better organized. You can email your lead from the job, send them pricing or questionnaires, and record notes about what they are interested in. 

Not only can you update the job's info (like date, location, job type, etc.), you can also add other appointments to a job (i.e. a consultation). Additional contacts can also be added to the job. For instance, a wedding might include a bride, groom, and parents. You can also track referrers in the job. In short, having all of this information consolidated in one place will make it a lot easier to track a lead's progress. You simply look up the job under the Jobs tab to view/update any of its information or to take action on it.

At a certain point in your process the lead will either decide to book you or not. If they do not want to book you, you can archive the job so that it is no longer part of your active list (just select it in your Jobs list and click the Archive icon). Leads that are archived can always be restored back to active status.

If the Lead chooses to book you, you will create proposal and email it to them. This can be done under the Documents tab of the job. 

The proposal includes package options, a contract, invoice, payment schedule, payment collection method and a few other settings. The client will receive the proposal, select a package, sign the contract, and make a payment if required. ShootQ will then notify you that you have a contract to countersign. When both parties have signed the contract, the Lead turns into a Booked Job.

Booked Jobs are very similar to Leads. They still allow you to send emails and questionnaires, record notes and activity, and add contacts and personnel. But there is typically an invoice and contract which can be managed from those sections. Also, the job is listed on the calendar as booked.

So just to recap. When a new job is entered into the ShootQ system it is a Job but it is also considered a Lead. When a Lead signs a contract in a proposal and the studio countersigns it, the job then is considered a Booked Job. And all jobs are located under the Jobs tab.

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