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Questionnaires in ShootQ are a fantastic way to ask a number of common questions you need to know the answers to all in one place. They can save you time by cutting down on back and forth correspondence via email and phone, and will help you to gather up information about both your leads and booked clients. 

To create a questionnaire, navigate to Settings > Templates > Questionnaires. Click the "plus" icon to create a new questionnaire.

Give it a name and write a description of the questionnaire if necessary. Both of these will be visible to a client.

Then begin adding questions by clicking the "plus" button again. There are many different types of questions, so let's take a look at the options.

Question Types

This is pretty self-explanatory. It allows you to add a question and the client can respond with either a yes or no answer.

Multiple Choice
First, create your question and then add the answers the client can choose. You can also allow them to make multiple selections.

This is basically a multiple choice question in the form of a drop down menu.

Text Field
A text field question allows your client to answer in an open-ended text field. This is helpful when you are looking for a short response for the client.

Text Paragraph
This is similar to the text field question but your client has more space to type their answer. It's useful for questions that require more than a one or two word response.

Clients can respond to the question with a star rating. You can also set the number of stars.

Numeric Range
Similar to the Rating question type, numeric ranges allow you to define a range as well as the intervals (steps) from which the client can choose. This is your standard "On a scale of..." question. You can also add text fields to explain the values on either end of the range spectrum (i.e. Highly Likely, Not Very Likely, etc)

Allows the client to respond to the question by picking a date in the calendar picker.

Allows the client to respond to the question by choosing a time.

Date and Time
Allows the client to respond to the question by choosing a date and time.

This is not a question. It allows you to type text on the questionnaire. For example, it's a great way to create section headers on long questionnaires.

Description Paragraph
Once again, this is not a question. It allows you to add instructions to your questionnaire.

Page Break
This will draw a solid line across the questionnaire in order to visually separate different sections.

Adding Questions and Rearranging the Order

Instead of adding a question to the bottom of the questionnaire, you can insert it in between two other questions. Click the "plus" icon (see below) and determine whether to insert the new question before or after the selected question.

Use the arrow keys to move a question up or down in the list.

Other Options - Duplicate, Delete, and Preview

Duplicating will add a mirror copy of the question to the bottom of the questionnaire.

Deleting a question will remove it.

The Preview button allows you to see how the question will look to your clients. Toggle it back to edit mode to modify the question.

Questions can also be required. The client will need to answer the question before the questionnaire can be submitted.

When finished click "Done" to insure all questions have been saved. You can always duplicate, archive, or edit a questionnaire.

Sending A Questionnaire

To email a questionnaire to a client, navigate to the Documents section of a Job (you can also send one from a contact's profile). After clicking the "New Questionnaire" button choose your template from the drop down menu. A preview of the questionnaire will appear on the write. Then compose your email (or select one of your email templates).

When you send the email, a link to the questionnaire will be added as a footer to your email. The client can click on this link to view and fill out the questionnaire.

Your clients can always save their answers as a draft. When they have completed the questionnaire, they can then submit it to you. ShootQ will notify you via email that your clients have responded (there will also be a notice on the Dashboard's Activity History).

You can view their responses in the Documents section of the Job (or view it under the client's Contact Profile). You can also Archive (Cancel), Edit, or Re-send a questionnaire from this section as well.

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