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Releases & Updates (September 21, 2017)
Releases & Updates (September 21, 2017)
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Hi Everyone,

In this week's release, we added several new features and fixed a lot of bugs. Here are the most prominent ones.


  • We added a customizable contact form that can be embedded on your website. When a client fills out the form, a lead will be automatically generated in ShootQ. You can also have multiple contact forms if you have more than one website. 

  • Themes will allow you to configure the look and feel of various elements of a contact form. For instance, you can set the colors of the text, background, and buttons so that they match your website. You can also modify the form's style.

  • Referral Types allow you to set up a list of standard referrers that can be added to your contact form so potential clients can provide information on where they heard about you.

Bug Fixes

  • Changes to an event on a job were not saving when the event did not have a date.

  • When synced to a Google calendar, All Day events were not appearing on the calendar correctly.

  • In some instances, when creating a proposal, the proposal email would not send even when the subject and body were filled out.

  • The payment form was not loading when clicking the "Pay" button on an invoice.

  • When creating a new job, the job date was not appearing in the job profile.

  • Email replies from clients were not getting logged with the job.

  • Clients were unable to submit a questionnaire even though the questions were not required

  • Item options were missing from add-ons on an invoice.

  • An error was preventing an email template with an attachment from saving.

  • The invoice payment schedule was not being reset when a payment was refunded.

  • Employees and Contractors were not able to view jobs that were created by an admin or owner.

We also resolved many other smaller issues. If you find any bugs, please email us at so that our development team can fix them.

We'll have more features and updates next week. Stay tuned!

Geoffrey Dunn
Team ShootQ

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