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Releases & Updates (October 17, 2017)
Releases & Updates (October 17, 2017)
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Hello Everyone!

This week we had a big release that included some great new features and functionality. We added a new Documents section, gave you the ability to send standalone invoices (without a contract), created a new client site variable, and added additional security for the contact form. We also squashed many bugs and issues on the site. Here are the details.

New Features and Functionality

  • You can now create standalone invoices that are not part of a proposal. This is helpful for creating post-booking orders. They can be added to either a Job or Contact profile, and also as a Quick Invoice (in the upper right corner of the website).

  • The new Documents section allows you to filter through all of your invoices, proposals, contracts, and questionnaires. Use the filters on the far right side to further sort through these items.

  • We added the option to enable Captcha on the Contact Form so that you won't have to worry about getting spammed leads. It's enabled by default but you can disable it if necessary.

  • There's a new variable for "Client Access Link" which you can add to an email template so the client can always access their site. Many studios like to include this variable in an email they send just after booking the client.

Bug Fixes

  • There was an issue adding events (both standalone and ones related to jobs) to the calendar.

  • An error was preventing options from being added to a product/service when creating one in the Settings tab.

  • Deleted jobs/events were still showing up on external calendar feed.

  • The main event on a job wasn't able to be changed to a different event.

  • Changes to event times on jobs were not saving and were reverting back to their original times. 

  • When creating a quick job while viewing an existing the job, the new job would have the incorrect time and date saved.

  • The "Preview Booking Site" button has been restored. It appears on the Send Email page when creating a proposal and will allow you to preview the proposal before sending it to the client.

  • Auto-save was running slow when creating a questionnaire template.

  • The Calendar was showing events off by one hour.

  • The payment schedule was not displaying correctly on an invoice when a payment's due date was based on the event date.

  • There was an issue saving changes to a saved theme under Settings > Contact Form, Themes, and Referral Tracking.

  • Clients were not able to open a proposal link on a mobile browser.

  • Safari users were not able to open the Action menu options (Edit, Copy, Archive) while editing a product/service or package under the Settings tab.

  • There was a server error when trying to send a standalone contract from a job.

  • There was an error occurring when trying to send a questionnaire from a Contact's profile.

  • Recurring events on an external calendar were not appearing on the ShootQ calendar when the two calendars were synced.

  • The ShootQ calendar was not refreshing correctly so that events from an external calendar would appear and disappear.

  • There was an issue with adding multiple recipients to an email.

  • Only the first and last dates of multi-day events were appearing on the Dashboard weekly calendar.

  • There were intermittent issues with adding questions to a questionnaire template.

  • The list of variables was not displaying when creating a contract template.

  • Variables were not auto-populating in a standalone contract.

  • The Save button was not responsive when creating a Proposal Template.

  • There were problems with the payment form.

All of those issues were resolved. There were many other under-the-hood improvements, too, and we also addressed a bunch of formatting problems.

Thanks again for your patience as we continue to develop the new ShootQ platform. If you find any bugs or would like to offer feedback, please email us at

Happy Q'ing!

Geoffrey Dunn
Team ShootQ

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