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How to view all of your invoices, proposals, contracts, and questionnaires in one place

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The Documents tab gives a global view to all of your invoices, proposals, contracts, and questionnaires. There are various filters you can use to sort through these documents. For example, you'll be able to see your unanswered questionnaires, overdue invoices, and unsigned contracts all in one place. This will help you stay on top of your jobs and follow up with your clients in a timely manner. Let's take a look at this section.


By default, you can view all of your job and standalone invoices. Clicking on the invoice number will take you directly to that invoice. And clicking on the Job Name will take you to that job. All of the columns - like Job Name, Status, and Due Date - are sortable. You can also use the search bar on the far right to find a particular invoice.

On the far right side are further filters so that you can see just Overdue, Pending, or Paid invoices. This will help you stay on top of your upcoming invoices and follow up with those clients who are late on their payments.

Finally, on the far right, there are action items for each invoice. You can apply a manual payment to the invoice, email it to the client, or edit it.


All active proposals from your jobs will appear by default. Archived or canceled proposals can be viewed by clicking "View Archived Proposals" in the upper left. Just like all of the tabs under the Documents section, each column is sortable. Clicking on the Job Name will allow you to edit the proposal if its status is Draft or Pending. If it's Accepted you'll see what the client selected after navigating through the proposal. 

The filters on the far right allow you to view proposals in a certain status - Draft, Sent, Accepted, or Expired.

And on the far right, you can Edit, Archive, or Send a proposal that is in the Draft or Sent status. You can also View any proposal that has been Accepted.


All contracts that you have created will appear under this section. These are contracts that were created as part of proposals or additional contracts that were added to a job. They also include contracts that are not associated with a job. And to view canceled contracts just click "View Archived Contracts" in the upper left. 

As always, all columns are sortable and you can further filter by contract status on the far right. This should help you follow up with clients that haven't signed their contracts yet.

Clicking on a Job will take you that particular job. To view a contract, click the Action Items on the far right. Contracts that are Drafts or Sent can also be Viewed, Archived, or Edited. Pending contracts can just be viewed or edited.


Every questionnaire - whether it was sent from a job or contact profile - will appear under this area. Just click the questionnaire name to view it. 

You can filter by questionnaire status on the far right.

There are also further action items as well. You can Resend, Archive (Cancel), View Client Responses, or Edit the questionnaire. Editing a questionnaire is how you can enter the responses for the client if necessary.

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