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Stripe Merchant Account Setup
Stripe Merchant Account Setup

Learn how to sync your Stripe account to ShootQ.

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ShootQ integrates with Stripe, a popular payment payment gateway which allows you to collect payments via credit card. When this option is enabled, clients can enter their credit card information directly on an invoice through Stripe's payment form. Stripe will then charge the card and also mark the ShootQ invoice paid for you. It's a very seamless way to collect payments for both you and your clients.

To sync up a Stripe account, go to Settings > Payments, Invoices, & Taxes > Collection Types . Then follow these steps.

  1. Click on Stripe

  2. Choose the Currency in which you are going to collect funds (US, Canadian, or Australian dollars). IMPORTANT: The currency chosen under Settings > Account > Company Information does not override the Stripe currency. The setting in the Company Info section only defines the currency symbol used on invoices. It does not define the currency in which funds are collected.

  3. Add your Stripe 'Live Secret Key' and 'Live Publishable Key' into the appropriate fields. You can find them in your Stripe admin panel. This article on Stripe's support page will help you locate your API Keys

  4. It's optional but we recommend you click 'Run A Test Transaction' to make sure your accounts are synced. This will charge $1.00 and immediately void it.

  5. If your test transaction is successful, then Save your credentials.

Once you've synced your accounts, you can select Stripe as the payment method when creating a proposal or invoice.

Note - Refunds: Just like all ShootQ integrated merchant accounts, if you need to refund a client for a payment collect via Stripe it's best to do it on the invoice in ShootQ. Navigate to the invoice and click the Refund button next to the payment you would like to refund. Stripe will then process the refund and the transaction will be recorded on the ShootQ invoice.

To remove Stripe from your ShootQ account, just mouse over it under the Settings tab and click the red X. After that, Stripe will no longer be a payment option in ShootQ. Any invoices that were using Stripe will revert to 'Collect Manually' as the payment method.

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