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Bulk Importing Multiple Contacts
Bulk Importing Multiple Contacts

Learn how to import a list of multiple contacts into ShootQ

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You could add a list of contacts into ShootQ individually by going to the Contacts tab and clicking the 'New Contact' button (or the Quick Contact button in the upper right corner of the website). But it will probably be easier and faster to bulk import these contacts via a CSV file. A CSV is a common file type that most spreadsheet programs and ShootQ can open. The first step is to make sure your list is in this format.

Then navigate to the Contacts tab and select the 'Import CSV' icon.

Click the 'Upload CSV' button and select your file.

Next you will need to map the columns in your file to match the ones that ShootQ will recognize. In the example below, the column  name in the CSV file is 'State' but ShootQ only recognizes 'Home State' or 'Work State' so you would need to select one of these in the drop down menu to map it to the spreadsheet columns. You're basically telling ShootQ where to put the data in the column(s) that it doesn't recognize.

Once those are mapped, click the 'Continue' button in the bottom right corner. Then select the contact you would like to import. If you want to import everyone, just choose the select all option (click the first checkbox). Then click the Import button.

All of the selected contacts should be imported along with their information. Each person will have a contact profile under the Contacts tab. You can always edit their profile if necessary.

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