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Releases & Updates (November 8, 2017)
Releases & Updates (November 8, 2017)
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Hi Everyone,

This week we had our biggest release to date with many new improvements, numerous bug fixes, and added functionality. Here are just some of the major highlights.

New Features and Functionality

  • We introduced a new Setup Guide to help get your account dialed in. And better yet - we'll pay you up to $200 in product credit just for completing it! No other studio management software can offer you that! You can open the guide at the top of your screen or you can access it under Settings > Onboarding Setup Guide.

  • We added the ability to set your date format (MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY or YYYY/MM/DD) under Settings > Account > Company Information. This is how your dates will appear on your client invoices and various other places throughout the site.


  • To improve your personalized branding, your studio's header image will now appear at the top of your questionnaires. The header can be uploaded under Settings > Account > Company Information > Background Image

  • We added a CAPTCHA option to the Contact Form to prevent spam leads. It is enabled by default.

  • The auto-response email on the Contact Form is now optional. You can create an email template under Settings > Templates > Emails and then select the template in auto-responder section of the Contact Form settings.

  • When importing a CSV of contacts, no fields are required. And the limit for importing a CSV was increased to 10mb.

  • We added new filters to the Documents tab for invoices. You can now filter for Payments Received (actual payments you've collected) and Outstanding Payments (upcoming, past due, and due today). 

  • When creating a proposal and selecting a package, the shipping costs for the package are now editable.

  • We added the Client Site preview link next to the primary contact in the job's header section for easier and quicker access.

  • Sub-events on an Event timeline will automatically update if the Event's date is changed. You won't have to manually adjust the dates on the event timeline

Major Bugs

  • Fixed: When sending a standalone contract, a link to the contract was not automatically added to the email (and subsequently, the client could not access the contract).

  • Fixed: Emails were not sending from a Job and no record of the email was logged under the Job's Contacts & Emails section.

  • Fixed: When adding a fixed dollar discount to a proposal or invoice, the discount was not appearing in the client view. In a related issue, a fixed dollar discount was not saving correctly to a discount template.

  • Fixed: When editing an invoice, the original payment schedule was removed.

  • Fixed: Incorrect invoice due dates were being displayed in the main Documents tab also on a Job and Contact profile.

  • Fixed: The payment schedule was not loading in the client's booking site.

  • Fixed: While creating a proposal, the 'Create Custom Schedule' button was no longer working when configuring the payment schedule.

  • Fixed: Taxes and Discounts were not appearing on a standalone invoice.

  • Fixed: When adding items to a standalone invoice, only products (not services) were able to be added to the invoice.

Other Bugs

  • Fixed: When updating a contact's profile, the phone and address fields were not saving.

  • Fixed: The contact form was showing the time in the Date field.

  • Fixed: When printing an invoice, the print dialog box did not load.

  • Fixed: There was an issue with archiving and restoring contacts under the Contacts tab. Also, archived contacts were appearing in search results for active contacts.

  • Fixed: When importing a CSV of contacts, the home address was not importing correctly.

  • Fixed: The shipping cost for a package was being factored into the package's profit column.

  • Fixed: When syncing a Square account, not all the locations were visible in ShootQ.

  • Fixed: The payment method for an invoice was only visible and editable in Edit mode. It can now be changed by just viewing the invoice.

  • Fixed: The payment schedule was not ordered by date in the client's booking site.

  • Fixed: It wasn't possible to remove a selected payment schedule while creating a proposal.

  • Fixed: Tax rates could only be set to two decimal places.

  • Fixed: Switching payment methods when editing a standalone invoice created an error.

  • Fixed: Some fields that were set to 'visible' were not appearing on the contact form.

  • Fixed: Updating the Main Event address on a Job was not updating the Job address field in the Job's header section.

  • Fixed: There was an intermittent error when submitting answers to questionnaires.

  • Fixed: The list of Questionnaires under the Documents tab was not displaying all questionnaires. Some were also being duplicated.

  • Fixed: Email templates that were edited and saved were creating duplicate templates instead of saving over the existing template.

  • Fixed: The ability to create categories for Products & Services and Package under the Pricing settings was not functioning.

  • Fixed: On the calendar, Google items were appearing even when the viewing filter for Google was disabled.

As always, please let us know if you find any bugs or issues in the system so that we can address them. You can either contact our support team using the chat messenger or feel free to email

Thanks everyone! Happy Q'ing!

Geoffrey Dunn
Team ShootQ

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