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Releases & Updates (November 17, 2017)
Releases & Updates (November 17, 2017)

Version 1.2.1

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Hi All,

We had a small release this past week to fix some outstanding issues. Here are some of the more prominent bug fixes.

  • Fixed: Emails were not sending from ShootQ.

  • Fixed: There was a problem adding attachments to email templates.

  • Fixed: Clients were getting an error message when clicking on a link to a standalone invoice when the invoice was created on a job that did not have a client area.

  • Fixed: When trying to sync up a Square account under Settings > Payments, Invoices & Taxes, an error was occurring ("An error occurred. Missing required parameter 'client_id"). This has been addressed and a Square account should be able to be synced to ShootQ.

  • Fixed: On the Square payment form, the credit card fields were not editable and clients could not enter their information to make a payment.

  • Fixed: When the date format (under Settings > Company Info) was set to DD/MM/YYYY, variables were still showing dates as MM/DD/YYYY.ย 

Happy Q'ing!

Geoffrey Dunn
Team ShootQ

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