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Releases & Updates (December 12, 2017)
Releases & Updates (December 12, 2017)

Version 1.3.0

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Hi Everyone,

There were a lot improvements and bug fixes in this week's release. Here are the details of some of the more prominent ones.

New Feature - Job Sheets

Job Sheets are now available and allow you to print out or download a PDF of your job information. This should be helpful if you would like to take a printout to a job or hand it out to your team. In addition to the main job information, the sheets can be customized so you can choose to print such things as contacts, weather, questionnaires, contracts, notes, and maps. To print out a sheet, navigate to any job and click 'Create Job Sheet' under the green 'Actions' button.  >> Learn More


  • When adding a new contact, only the First Name field is now required.

  • When configuring a contact form, only First Name, Last Name, and Email Address fields are required. All others can be optionally added. The form's Captcha has also been simplified for the the client.

  • You can now override the shipping costs when creating an invoice. Just click in the shipping cost field and type a new amount.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: On the PayPal payment form, the credit card fields were missing.

  • Fixed: Apple calendar was not syncing to ShootQ (inbound calendar feed).

  • Fixed: An inclusive tax on an invoice was displaying as $0.00

  • Fixed: When a discount was set to apply before taxes, there was error in calculating the invoice subtotal.

  • Fixed: There was an error when creating a new questionnaire on a job.

  • Fixed: Under Settings > Products & Pricing, the categories for both products/services and packages could not be opened.

  • Fixed: Email replies from clients were not getting logged with the job/contact in ShootQ nor were they being sent to the studio's company email address. Now when a client replies, their responses will go to both places.

  • Fixed: On a contact's profile, the social media, maiden name, and website fields could not be edited.

  • Fixed: When editing a draft invoice, it wasn't possible to Preview/Send it or Save the draft.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: The wrong expiration date was appearing on step 3 (Payment Information) in a proposal.

  • Fixed: The email that notifies you that you have a new lead did not include the client's first name, last name, and job role.

  • Fixed: When creating an invoice, the options for an item were not available to be selected.

  • Fixed: When creating an invoice, a custom item could not be edited.

  • Fixed: The shipping amount was not appearing when editing an invoice.

  • Fixed: There was an issue viewing a contract from the Activity Feed.

  • Fixed: When sending a proposal that is a draft, every contact in the contact list was appearing as a signee.

  • Fixed: A fixed dollar discount wasn't viewable when creating a proposal or discount template.

  • Fixed: When building a proposal, the changes made in the preview mode (Preview Booking Site) were affecting the actual proposal. 

  • Fixed: When creating an invoice and selecting a payment schedule, the invoice due date was not updating to reflect the last date in the schedule.

  • Fixed: When printing an invoice, the Payment History section was missing.

  • Fixed: The preview button for contracts and questionnaires under the Documents tab wasn't working.

  • Fixed: When adding/removing items from an invoice, the subtotal was intermittently incorrect.

  • Fixed: In a contract template, there were issues with positioning your cursor which made editing the template difficult.

  • Fixed: On the client site, the client was not able to access multiple jobs.

  • Fixed: On a contact's profile and under the Documents tab, the job name was not appearing in the invoice list.

  • Fixed: On an invoice, the company name was cut off.

  • Fixed: There was an issue with the variables in an email template when sending the client a proposal.

  • Fixed: Contacts were not able to be deleted once they were archived.

  • Fixed: When clicking the 'Pay' button on an invoice, a gray overlay appeared on the screen and the payment form did not load.

  • Fixed: When printing an invoice, the studio address, phone number, and email address were missing.

  • Fixed: The birthday and anniversary fields were not saving any edits. Also, it wasn't possible to clear the dates from these fields.

We also fixed many other bugs that are not listed here. We will continue to improve the system by addressing any issues that arise. We are also working on some big ticket features that should be released shortly including a mobile app for iOS and Android, a Sales/Lead pipeline, and a mini-session/workshop booking module. We'll let you know when these items are ready. Keep an eye out!

Thanks again, everyone! Happy Q'ing!

Geoffrey Dunn
Team ShootQ

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