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Tracking Leads with the Lead Board
Tracking Leads with the Lead Board

Track the different stages in a lead's life cycle.

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The Lead Board in ShootQ will help you track the progress of your leads from the time they are a brand new lead all the way up until they become a booked job.

A lead is basically anyone that inquires about your services but hasn't been booked yet. When a lead is officially booked it becomes an active job. There are different stages that a lead will pass through on its way to becoming booked. 

Let's take a look at the Lead Board and the different stages of a lead. Just navigate to the Leads tab. In the example below, different leads are at different stages in the process. 

New Lead

When a potential client contacts you initially you'll enter them into ShootQ as a New Lead (click the green 'New Lead' button in the upper right corner under the Leads tab). 

Instead of manually entering leads, you can also have them automatically created in ShootQ if you sync up your contact form. When a client fills out the form, there information is imported into ShootQ and a lead is generated.

Whether you enter leads manually or via the contact form, the lead's potential job will appear in the New Lead section. Most studios will then qualify the lead to find out if they are a good fit. For example, maybe you'll send them your pricing brochure or email them your availability.

When you have determined that the client is a good fit, you can then manually move them to the next phase by clicking 'Qualify Lead' on the Lead Board.  You can also navigate into the job and change the job's status in the upper left.

If you accidentally qualify a lead you can always move them back to the 'New Lead' stage.

Qualified Lead

This stage is for leads that are probably a good fit for you (i.e. you're available on their requested shoot date, they like your products/services, etc). In this stage, you'll probably want to further try to get them to book you. Perhaps you schedule an in-person consultation or a phone appointment. Or maybe you send them a questionnaire to learn more about their needs. The purpose of this stage is get the client to the point where they are ready to sign a contract.

When the client is ready to book, you'll send them a proposal. Clicking 'Send Proposal' will direct you into the proposal builder for that job. After sending the proposal, the client will automatically move into the next stage.

Proposal/Contract Sent

After you send your client a proposal or contract, their job will be in this stage. The lead will remain in this status until they actually sign the contract. As soon as they do, the job will automatically move to the next phase.

Contract Signed

In this status, the client has signed the contract and now ShootQ is waiting for you to countersign it. When the studio signs the contract, the lead automatically becomes an active job.

Active Jobs

The lead board doesn't list all active jobs but it will show you how many are currently booked and active. Clicking on this section will direct you to those jobs under the Jobs tab.

So that's the process. A lead is entered into the system as a New Lead. Then it's manually moved into the Qualified Lead section when you determine the client is a good fit for you. After you send the contract/proposal and before the client signs it, the lead will be in the Proposal/Contract Sent stage. Then after the client signs it and ShootQ is waiting for you to countersign, the lead will be in the Contract Signed status. Finally, after you and client have both signed the contract, the lead becomes an Active Job.

The ShootQ Lead Board is designed to streamline your lead process and help you stay organized with your jobs - from the time they are entered as a new lead all the way to becoming a booked job.

Note: You can toggle between the Lead Board and a List View of your leads by clicking the following icon under the Leads tab. The list view merely shows your leads in a different format. You can also filter your leads in this view as well.

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