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Releases & Updates (January 4, 2018)
Releases & Updates (January 4, 2018)

Version 1.4.0

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Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year!  In our first release of 2018, we've added a Lead Board feature to help you track your leads, made some improvements to existing features, and squashed a few bugs along the way. Here are the details.

New Feature - Lead Board

The Lead Board under the Leads tab is designed to help you track your leads from the time they are a brand new lead until the time you actually book them. Leads will move through different stages based on certain actions that you take. 

Here's a quick breakdown of the different stages in a lead's life cycle.

  • New Lead: When you enter a new lead into ShootQ they are automatically added to this status

  • Qualified Lead: This is a lead where you have determined that they are a good fit for you. New Leads are manually moved into the Qualified stage by you.

  • Proposal/Contract Sent: After you send a lead a proposal or contract, their job will automatically move into this section.

  • Contract Signed: After your client signs the contract, the lead will automatically move into this stage. You will then need to countersign the contract.

  • Active Jobs: After you countersign the contract, the lead automatically becomes an active job.

To learn more, check out our Tracking Leads with the Lead Board article.

Other New Features

  • We added a Company Field to a contact's profile. Both the company and the contact will be listed in the contact list. 

  • There is now a Plan & Billing section under the Settings tab so that you can choose a membership plan that best suits your needs. You can also update your credit card on file and view your account statements as well.


  • On the booking site, if the client chooses a package that does not have any optional add-ons, the client will automatically skip over Step 2: Select Optional Add-Ons and proceed to  Step 3: Review Package.

  • Invoices that are saved as Drafts can now be deleted. This can be done by clicking the ellipses on the far right of the invoice under the Documents tab or under the Invoices tab of the Job.

  • The Calendar viewing filters will be saved so that it will automatically load the previous configuration. For example, if you set the filters to show you only your Booked Events, then this is what you will see the next time you navigate to the Calendar tab.

  • Emails sent from ShootQ will now be sent from a generic ShootQ email address ( instead of your studio email address. This will improve deliverability and make it less likely that your emails will be blocked or treated as spam.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: When adding a fixed dollar discount to a proposal or discount template, the ability to apply it before or after tax was missing.

  • Fixed: The date format was not reflective of the format selected under Settings > Account > Company Information. This occurred in the proposal builder, booking site, client site, calendar, and the documents tab.

  • Fixed: When a job or proposal was deleted, its invoices were still visible under the Documents tab. Deleting these items will also delete their invoices.

  • Fixed: When duplicating a package under Settings > Products & Pricing > Packages, a 404 Error was occurring.

  • Fixed: Standalone invoices were missing a Print button in the client view of the invoice.

  • Fixed: Under the Documents tab, standalone invoices were not displaying the client's name in the Bill To field.

  • Fixed: In a contact's profile, it wasn't possible to delete a client's phone number, email address, or physical address.

  • Fixed: When sending a standalone contract, the client was receiving two emails. Now they will just receive one which will include a link to the contract.

  • Fixed: In the proposal builder, it was not possible to edit a selected contract. You can edit it by first selecting the contract and then clicking on it to modify the template.

  • Fixed: In the studio's view of an invoice, refunding a payment did not restore the Pay button. Also, it wasn't possible to refund payments on an invoice that had been paid in full.

  • Fixed: On the Review Package step in the booking site, the payment schedule was not correctly factoring in any shipping amounts associated with the package.

  • Fixed: A discount applied before tax was not calculating correctly.

  • Fixed: An invoice was not showing the studio's full information. It will now display the company name, address, phone, email address, and website.

  • Fixed: When creating an invoice and selecting a package, the package items were not showing their correct quantities.

  • Fixed: Itemized pricing was appearing on an invoice even though the "Display itemized prices on all invoices" setting under Settings > Payments, Invoices, & Taxes was disabled.

  • Fixed: Attachments were not able to be added to email templates.

  • Fixed: When creating an invoice, the subtotal was not including the extra price for any item options.

  • Fixed: On a standalone invoice, item options were missing from the studio's preview and the client's view of the invoice.

We should have another smaller release in the coming week or so. That will be followed by a much larger release like the one today. Thanks again for your feedback as we improve the system!

Happy Q'ing!

Geoffrey Dunn
Team ShootQ

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