Adding Files to Jobs
Learn how to attach files to jobs for reference later
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You can upload and store files with a job under the job's Documents tab. This is useful if you'd like to quickly reference these files at a later point in time. For example, if you have a signed physical contract already, you can scan and upload it to the job where it will be stored. You can upload all sorts of common file types - word documents, pdfs, pngs, jpegs, etc.

To upload a file, go to the Documents section of the job and click "New File". Then choose the file from your computer. Note: Files must be less than 5mb.

Once its uploaded you can always Delete or Download the file by clicking the ellipses on the far right. Some files - like PDFs - can also be Previewed in your browser.

You can upload as many files as you want to job. However, the total size of all uploads on your account cannot exceed your membership plan's limitations.

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