Hi Everyone,

We released quite a few new features this week, made some improvements, and fixed some bugs. Here's the rundown:

New Features

  • We created a booking module for mini-sessions (and other session types) and workshops. Clients can choose from available dates and make a payment to reserve a session. And this can all be done without having to send them a proposal. These modules can be set up under the Booking tab. >>> Learn More
  • Automated emails and questionnaires can now be added to Lead Workflows. They can also be added directly to a lead's job timeline. >>> Learn More
  • Questionnaire templates can now have default emails which will auto-populate when sending a questionnaire from a job or contact. The default email will also be used in any automated questionnaire. They can be configured under Settings > Templates > Questionnaires.
  • Tasks can now be added to Events on a job. And there's a new task manager on the Dashboard which will list upcoming and overdue tasks for your jobs. >>> Learn More
  • You can upload Files to a job under the job's Documents tab. >>> Learn More
  • The Leads tab now has a List view which can be toggled from the default Lead Board view by clicking the icon next to the Search bar.
  • You can resend an invoice by clicking "Resend" under the ellipses on the far right side of the invoice either on a job, a contact profile, or under the Documents tab.
  • A 'Feature Request' form has been added under your Profile photo in the upper right corner of the website. Send us your suggestions!


  • You can now split payments evenly on a standalone invoice. Payments can be split into monthly, bi-monthly, and weekly payments. >>> Learn More
  • Creating a Lead is now separate from creating a Job. A Lead is a job that has not yet been booked. When you create a Job, it is automatically an active, booked job. If you need to bypass the Lead process just create a Job instead of a Lead.
  • Under the Jobs tab, the Archived Jobs section now has a filter for archived reason and status (lead or job).
  • Emails sent from ShootQ will no longer say 'notifications' in a client's inbox. Instead they will say your name and company name.
  • When the "Display itemized prices on all invoices" option is enabled for invoices, if the package price is higher than the sum of the individual products/services in the package, ShootQ will automatically hide those individual prices.
  • Under the Contacts tab, you can filter by either Company or Contact in the upper right.
  • Clients can now decline a proposal and also send you a message to explain why.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: There was an issue where a contact's information (under the Contact's tab or on a job) could not be edited unless the birthday and anniversary fields were filled in.
  • Fixed: Discounts were not applying to an invoice created from a proposal.
  • Fixed: In a contract template, the variable Package Contents was also showing all add-ons even if no add-ons were selected by the client during the booking process.
  • Fixed: The Collection Types were blank for some studios under Settings > Invoices, Payments, & Taxes. The five available merchant accounts are visible again.
  • Fixed: Contracts with contacts that were set to 'Review Only' were required to sign the contract. Now they can only view the contract.
  • Fixed: In the proposal builder, it wasn't possible to create a custom discount.
  • Fixed: Images for Products/Services were not saving under Settings > Pricing > Products and Services.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Active contracts were appearing when filtering for Archived contracts.
  • Fixed: When a client completed a proposal, the invoice status was 'Draft'. It will now be Pending (if it isn't Paid or Overdue).
  • Fixed: Contracts on archived proposals were still remaining active. They are now archived as well.
  • Fixed: On a standalone invoice, the due date would change if the invoice date was changed.
  • Fixed: On a draft proposal, if the client's email address had been updated, it was not updating in the proposal.
  • Fixed: Under Documents > Contracts the Primary Contact field was blank for standalone contracts.
  • Fixed: Under a Contact profile, the Documents and Invoices tab was blank even when the contact contained these items.
  • Fixed: The background image under Settings > Account > Company Information was being cut off. It now shows the entire image.
  • Fixed: When the company's email address under Settings > Account > Company Information was updated, client replies were still going to the previous address.
  • Fixed: There was an issue running a test transaction with Braintree. A failed test was showing a blank error message. It now says "Authentication with Braintree's API failed".
  • Fixed: On step 1 of the proposal builder, the link to "Pricing Settings" was generating a 404 error.

Happy Q'ing

Geoffrey Dunn
Team ShootQ

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