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Splitting Payments Evenly on an Invoice
Splitting Payments Evenly on an Invoice
Learn how to easily set up a payment schedule that evenly divides payments
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When creating an invoice, there is a quick and easy way to splitting the invoice amount into even payments in a schedule. There are different ways to configure this setting so let's dive into it.

First, create a new invoice under the Jobs, Contacts, or Documents tabs (or just click Quick Invoice in the actions drop down menu in the upper right of the website).

After adding your items to the invoice and configuring the Bill To, Ship To, and Job fields (job is optional), scroll  to the bottom and click the 'plus' icon under the Payment Schedule section. Select 'Scheduled Payments'.

This will launch a modal where you can configure the split payments. First, set a date when the final payment is due. This can be a specific date or it can be in relation to the event date. Note: If the invoice is not associated with a job you will only be able to select a specific date.

Then choose the Payment Frequency - Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Weekly.

Click 'Done' and ShootQ will split the invoice amount into even payments which will be scheduled based on the frequency you selected. And the final payment will be due on the date you specified.

If you need to reconfigure or edit the schedule, just click the 'Clear' button.

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