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Adding Tasks to Jobs and Leads
Adding Tasks to Jobs and Leads

Learn how to add tasks and manage them with the Dashboard's task manager

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Setting up tasks for yourself is a great way to stay on top of your Jobs and Leads. These tasks can be applied in three different ways. And they can be managed and marked completed in the Dashboard's task manager or on the Job or Lead itself.

First, let's take a look at the different methods of adding tasks.

Lead Workflow

A lead workflow is a series of tasks and automations that you can apply to your Leads which will basically guide you through your sales process. The workflows can be created under Settings > Workflows & Automations. This article explains more about how to create a Lead Workflow.

When you create a new Lead you can apply a particular workflow to it, and the workflow's tasks automatically appear in the Lead's Timeline. Tasks are associated with the different stages in the Lead's life cycle. When the lead is in a particular stage, you can mark off that stage's tasks. You can also edit them too if necessary.

Manually Add Tasks to the Job/Lead Timeline Stages

You don't necessarily need to have a workflow applied to the Job or Lead. You can manually add tasks anytime you want by clicking the 'plus' icon next a particular lead stage. You can even add them to a job after it becomes booked (just click the 'Active' stage).

You can give your task a name, description, set a due date, and assign personnel. The due date is in relation to when the lead/job enters a particular status (or you can designate a specific date). Your task can also have sub-tasks if necessary.

In this example, ย I added a phone call reminder to the "New Lead" status on the timeline. The task is due on a specific date.

To mark a task completed, just check the box in the timeline or click the check mark above the task name.

You can manually add as many tasks to the status on the timeline as you want.

Manually Add Tasks to the Events in the Timeline

This is very similar to adding tasks to the stages of the job but, in this case, you would add the tasks in relation to an Event on the timeline. To do this, click the 'plus' icon next to an Event and create your task.

The task can be due before or after the event, or you can set a specific date.

In this example, I have added a task due 2 days before the event. The event also has a few sub-tasks that are due at the same time.

You can add as many tasks to an event as you want.

Dashboard Task Manager

As we saw, you can mark your tasks completed on the job or the lead. But your Dashboard is a great place to see all of your tasks from all jobs at once. It will show you upcoming and overdue tasks. The tasks can be marked completed here as well. It will also show you any sub-tasks.

You can also run filters to see just tasks assigned to you, assigned to someone else in your studio, or assigned to a specific job.

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