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Releases & Updates (March 19, 2018)
Releases & Updates (March 19, 2018)

Version 1.5.1

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Hi Everyone!

We fixed a few bugs with invoices and other areas of the site today. We also made a few improvements. Here's the list.


  • The client confirmation email for the booking and workshop modules now shows your studio's logo and the information in the email is much more client-friendly.

  • When "Display itemized prices on all invoices" is enabled and the package price is less than the itemized items in the package, the client will now see a Package Discount line item on the invoice. If the package price is more than the individual items, the price of the items will be hidden and only the package price will be shown.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: There was an issue with a trial expiration banner appearing on accounts that were still in their promotional period.

  • Fixed: payments were failing in the booking and workshop modules.

  • Fixed: When creating a standalone invoice in Firefox or Safari, packages and individual items weren't visible and could not be added to the invoice.

  • Fixed: On an invoice, the package name wasn't shown.

  • Fixed: On the client site, a tax line item was missing from the Overview page and on an invoice.

  • Fixed: When creating an invoice, the payment schedule wasn't updating when the invoice subtotal was updated.

  • Fixed: When updating the time/date of an event on a job, the end time wasn't saving the correct time.

  • Fixed: Tax and Discounts were not applying to standalone invoices.

  • Fixed: The client site for Booking/Workshop modules was showing "Invalid Date" in Firefox and Safari.

  • Fixed: On a standalone invoice, options for items were missing and could not be selected.

  • Fixed: Updating the shipping costs on an invoice did not automatically update the invoice total. There were also issues with the shipping costs when the package quantity was changed.

  • Fixed: On a standalone invoice, if the payment schedule was set before an item was added, the invoice total was $0.00

Happy Q'ing!
Geoffrey Dunn
Team ShootQ

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