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Releases & Updates (April 2, 2018)
Releases & Updates (April 2, 2018)

Version 1.6.0

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Hello Everyone,

Here is the list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes that were included in this week's release.

New Features

  • Contacts can be organized into Groups. You can create groups under Settings > Jobs and Contacts and then add a contact into a group when creating a new contact or editing an existing contact. You can then run a filter to see contacts in a certain group under the Contacts tab. >>> Learn More

  • When creating a new contact (or editing an existing one) you can designate a default job role for that person. This is helpful if you are adding vendors into ShootQ. You can designate their role and when that person is added to a job, they will automatically have a role on the job (you won't have to manually designate it each time).

  • Under a contact profile, we added fields for Work Phone, Work Email, and Work Address. You can also create additional fields for other emails, addresses, phone numbers, and dates. >>> Learn More

  • On the Calendar, you can now show/hide birthdays and anniversaries by using the filters are the far left.


  • Standalone invoices can be now be edited when they are pending, paid, or overdue. You can modify the invoice contents, price, payment schedule, etc. The invoice can be edited either by 1) clicking 'Edit' in the actions drop down menu under the Documents tab or Job or 2) clicking 'Edit' on the invoice itself.

  • On a standalone invoice, you can now create a custom discount (instead of using a discount template). To create a custom discount, just click on the Discount drop down menu and select 'Custom Discount'. You can then configure it as a dollar amount or percentage.

  • Custom payment schedules can now be created on a standalone invoice. Previously you could only select a payment schedule template or create equal split payments.

  • Contracts and Questionnaires now have a download button so that you can download a PDF (you can also download these documents in a job sheet under the Actions menu on a job).

  • Studio owners and administrators can now sign any contract. Employees and contractors can only sign contracts that they send to a client.

  • The contact form now has embed code if you would like to embed it on your website.

  • For Lead Workflow tasks, you can now trigger automated emails and questionnaires to be sent when a particular task is due or completed. >>> Learn More

  • Automated Emails/Questionnaires can be added to a job and can be scheduled to be sent in relation to an event on the job's timeline. For example, you could schedule an automated questionnaire to be sent four days before a consultation or an email three days after a portrait session. >>> Learn More

Major Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: A Company contact could not be created because the Save button was disabled even when all required fields were filled in.

  • FIXED: When editing the Location of an event on a Job, the new address was not saving.

  • FIXED: When adding a contact, the system was not saving addresses not recognized by Google Maps. You can now enter any address.

  • FIXED: In the Client Area, clients were not able to update their contact information and save their revisions.

  • FIXED: The discount variable was not populating with the correct discount amount in a contract.

  • FIXED: When a discount was applied before tax in a proposal, the amounts for the package subtotal and tax were displayed incorrectly on the booking site (they were displayed correctly on the invoice).

  • FIXED: When creating a standalone invoice, if the due date was selected before the invoice items, the total of the invoice was $0.00. Now, a due date cannot be selected unless the invoice contains items first.

Other Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: In the booking/workshop module, the description field was required even though it was not a required field

  • FIXED: A booked session in an event in the booking/workshop modules was displaying the incorrect time.

  • FIXED: The refund button in the booking/workshop module was not refunding payments when Stripe was the payment method.

  • FIXED: In the Booking/Workshop module, you can now remove any additional days on an event. Previously you could not.

  • FIXED: When editing an even in the booking/workshop module, the time of the session was reverting back to the default time (9am-4pm).

  • FIXED: In the booking/workshop module, the name of the client was not shown in the list of booked sessions. It was displaying the name of the session instead.

  • FIXED: In the booking/workshop module, emails were not sending.

  • FIXED: A workshop module could not be booked if it was a free workshop.

  • FIXED: When adding a product/service to a package as an add-on, the images from the product/service were disappearing from its configuration. This occurred when building a package under the Settings tab.

  • FIXED: On a deleted job, links to the booking site, invoices, contracts, and other client-facing pages were still active and accessible.

  • FIXED: Archived referrers were still appearing on the Contact Form.

  • FIXED: Images could not be added to a contract template.

  • FIXED: Adding a picture to a contact's profile was deleting the contact's information.

  • FIXED: There was an issue with uploading a photo to team member profiles under Settings > Team & User Roles.

  • FIXED: When a draft invoice was deleted, its associated payments were still visible in the outstanding payments section under Documents > Invoices.

  • FIXED: When applying a payment schedule template to a standalone invoice, the due dates were wrong when the payment was due in relation to the event date.

Happy Q'ing!

Geoffrey Dunn
Team ShootQ

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