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Adding Contacts into Groups
Adding Contacts into Groups
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Whether you shoot portraits, weddings, pets, or other kinds of jobs, you may want to group certain contacts together. You'll be able to quickly browse for clients in a particular group and you can also export them easily as well to a CSV or vCard.

To create a Group, navigate to Settings > Jobs & Contacts > Contact Groups

You can then create a Group by clicking the green 'Create Group' button in the upper right. After creating a group, you can always edit or delete it.ย 

To add existing contacts to a group in bulk, just select them in your contact list under the Contacts tab. Then click the Groups icon and select the group from your list. Contacts can also be added to multiple groups if necessary.

You can also assign someone to a group(s) when creating a brand new contact.

On a contact's profile, click More Contact Info to see the contact's groups.

You can add/remove an individual contact from a group by clicking 'Edit' on their profile.

And in your contact list, you can filter for Groups by using the filter icon in the upper right. This will display anyone who is assigned to a particular group.

To export a group to a CSV or vCard, simply check the boxes next to their name (or click the Select All box at the top) and then click the Export icon.


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