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Adding Custom Fields to a Contact Profile
Adding Custom Fields to a Contact Profile

Add custom fields for additional email addresses, locations, phone numbers, and dates

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In a contact's profile, ShootQ allows you to enter work and personal information for a contact. But some contacts may have additional email addresses, physical addresses, or phone numbers. If so, you can create additional fields for this information. You can also create additional fields for dates besides just Birthdays and Anniversaries.

To create these additional fields, click 'Edit' on a contact's profile (you can also add these fields when creating a brand new contact). Click the 'plus' icon next to the appropriate field to create a new one. You can then enter information into these fields.

To add extra date fields, once again just click the 'plus' icon next to 'Add Date Field'. First, give the date field a label and save it. In the example below, I added the label 'Date of First Contact'.

Then you can enter the date into the new field.

Finally, to delete a field, just click the 'X' icon next to it.

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