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Adding Automated Emails and Questionnaires to a Booked Job
Adding Automated Emails and Questionnaires to a Booked Job
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There are two ways to schedule an email or questionnaire to be sent automatically from a booked job. You can schedule it in relation to the job's 'Active' status. Or it can be scheduled in relation to an particular event.

Adding an Email/Questionnaire to the Job Status

When a job is booked its status is 'Active'. You can trigger an automated email/questionnaire to occur when the job immediately becomes or active or after it becomes active. Just click on the 'Active' status in the job's Timeline. Then click the plus icon to configure the automation.

  • Click "Template" to select either an email or questionnaire template.

  • Click "Contact" to select who you are going to send the template to.

  • Click "Time" to determine when to send the template. It can be sent as soon as the job is 'Active' or after it becomes 'Active'.

The email/questionnaire will then appear under the status in the job's Timeline. To edit/remove the automation, just click on the status again.

Adding an Email/Questionnaire to an Event on the Job

You can also schedule an email/questionnaire to be sent in relation to an event's date. Just click on the Event in the job's Timeline. This will show you the event information, and the event's timeline. At the bottom of this section add the automation by clicking the 'plus' icon. This is the same process as adding the automation to the job status but, in this case, the time can be set to before or after the event, or when the event starts or ends.

The scheduled email/questionnaire then appears under the event in the job's timeline. You can edit/delete an automation by clicking on the event again.

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