ShootQ makes it easy to automatically remind your clients to make a payment on their outstanding invoices. And you also send a thank you email once a payment has been made. To set up these emails, navigate to Settings > Templates > Emails and scroll down to the Automatic Client Emails section.

There are four different types of automatic invoice emails that can be enabled by toggling the appropriate slider. The emails can be configured by clicking 'Edit'.

Let's take a look at each one.

Invoice Payment Reminder

This email can be sent to your client minutes, hours, days, or even weeks before a payment is due. It will only be sent when a payment is pending (not when it is overdue). In the example below, the client will be automatically sent this email three days before their payment is due.

You'll also want to configure the email itself by clicking the 'Edit' button.

You can add variables into the template (double-click on a variable in the drop down menu to insert into the template). When the client views the email, the variables will automatically populate with information from the client's invoice. At the very least, make sure you include the Invoice URL variable so that the client can access the invoice and make a payment.

This email will only be sent once for each payment. If the payment becomes overdue, you can configure an Overdue Payment Reminder.

Invoice Overdue Payment Reminder

This email will be sent to clients when they have an payment that is overdue. You can designate when the client will receive this email. In the example below, the client will receive the overdue reminder every seven days until the payment is paid.

And just like the Invoice Payment Reminder email, you can edit the template. Just make sure you include the Invoice URL variable so that the client can access the invoice and make a payment.

Invoice Successful Payment

You can thank your client by sending them an email receipt whenever they make a successful payment. This email will be triggered any time the client makes a payment on an invoice via a merchant account or when you manually mark a payment as paid.

Invoice Paid In Full

Clients will receive this email when all of the payments on an invoice have been completely paid and the invoice is marked Paid In Full. 

NOTE: When you have both the Invoice Paid In Full and the Invoice Successful Payment emails enabled, clients will receive two emails when they make the final payment on their invoice - one for the successful payment and one for the fully paid invoice.

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