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Learn to tag jobs and leads with labels for better filtering

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Your leads and jobs can be tagged with custom labels so that you can filter and sort through them more easily.

Labels can be added and deleted under Settings > Jobs & Contacts > Job Labels. Just click the green "New Job Label" in the upper right and type a new label. Then color code it (by clicking on the color dot) and save it.

You can create as many labels as necessary for both your leads and jobs. Some examples of lead labels might be "Sent Pricing", "Scheduled Consultation", or "Follow Up". Some examples of Job Labels might be "Final Payment Received", "Products Delivered", or "Ordering Session Scheduled".

If you archive a label, it'll be removed from your active list and you'll no longer be able to use it on a job or lead. Also, a label that is tagged on an existing job/lead will be deleted if the label is archived under the Settings tab.

Applying Labels When Creating a Job or Lead

There are multiple ways to tag jobs and leads with labels. 

When creating a new lead or job, you can add a label by clicking in the label field. Then just select one of your labels from the drop down menu to add it. And click on the 'X' to remove it.

You can also manually type a brand new label and click Enter/Return on your keyboard. This will add the label to your list and can be used again on another lead or job. In the example below, I manually typed "Returning Client" as a label instead of selecting it in the drop down menu.

The label(s) will appear on the job or lead with the other main information.

They will also appear with the leads on the lead board.

Adding/Removing Labels on a Job or Lead

To add or remove a label to an existing job or lead, just click the 'Edit' button in the upper right. An editable modal will pop-up and you'll be be able to update your labels.

Applying Labels in Bulk on the Lead Board

On the Lead board under the Leads tab, you can bulk add/remove labels by selecting the checkbox next to the leads you want to modify.

Then click the Labels icon to add/remove labels from the selected leads.

Using Labels to Filter Leads

On the Lead board under the Leads tab, click the Filter icon in the upper right to view only leads with a specific label(s). 

The same filter works in the Lead List view of the Leads tab.

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