Updates & Releases (May 3, 2018)
Version 1.7.0
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Hello Everyone!

We had a big release that addressed some issues and introduced some big features and new functionality. Here's the rundown.

New Features

  • Workflows can now be applied to active jobs. Job Workflows are a series of tasks that you can set up to help you fulfill a job for a client. The workflow can also include automated emails and questionnaires. And you can have events automatically applied to a job's timeline when a workflow is assigned to the job. >>> Learn More

  • Automated Invoice Reminders and Thank You emails can be enabled under Settings > Templates > Emails. >>> Learn More

  • Jobs and Leads can be tagged with custom labels to help you filter them more easily. >>> Learn More


  • Invoices can now be voided. To void an invoice, just click the option in the actions drop down menu in the invoice list view. All outstanding payments will be canceled and marked 'Void'. Payments that have already been paid will remain "Paid". If you need to have the already paid payments voided as well, first refund them before voiding the invoice.

  • When editing or adding a contact, you can quickly create a group and add that contact to the group. >>> Learn More 

  • There is now a "Last Activity" column under the Leads and Jobs tabs. This allows you to sort your list of jobs/leads by the last time a change was made to the job/lead record (i.e. added event, changed date, added invoice, sent an email, etc.).

  • A Proposal Expiration Date variable has been added to the email templates section. This variable can be added to a proposal email to let your clients know when the proposal will expire.

  • When setting up automated emails or questionnaires on a job (or in a workflow) you can now send them to other people on the job instead of just the main contact.

  • Scheduled payments (payments that are automatically split based on a weekly or monthly schedule) can now be added to a proposal. They can also be applied to standalone invoices.

Major Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: All-Day events were not displaying on the ShootQ calendar.

  • FIXED: Re-sending a paid invoice was resetting its status back to Pending

  • FIXED: Discounts were applying multiple times to standalone invoice whenever another item/package was added to the invoice.

  • FIXED: When adding Events to a Job's Timeline, the event details were not refreshing and, in some cases, not saving automatically.

  • FIXED: When creating a payment schedule in a proposal (or in a payment schedule template under the Settings tab), there was an issue adding a payment with a specific due date.

  • FIXED: Under the Documents tab, proposals, contracts, and questionnaires from deleted jobs were still visible. Now, if you delete a job, its documents will be deleted as well.

  • FIXED: Square merchant account users were getting a ""The provided 0Auth access token has expired" error when making payments which forced them to re-sync their Square account to ShootQ. The tokens for the sync will never expire now.

  • FIXED: When making payments via Square on a mobile device, some clients were incurring multiple charges.

  • FIXED: On a standalone invoice, services were listed as products which affected tax and discount amounts when they were just applied to services.

  • FIXED: There was an error generated when trying to edit an existing contact.

  • FIXED: Under the Contact's tab, there was an issue adding contacts to a Company's profile.

  • FIXED: When an account had the "Display Itemized Pricing" option enabled, invoices were still hiding the individual item prices.

  • FIXED: Inbound emails had their dates set to the current date instead of the date that the client replied.

Other Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: The preview for a standalone contract was failing to load prior to sending it to a client.

  • FIXED: Emails that were sent from a contact were not being logged in the contact's Emails section.

  • FIXED: When new tasks were added to an Event on a Job, the tasks were being duplicated in the job's timeline.

  • FIXED: Under the Documents tab in the Invoices section, the list of Outstanding Payments was empty.

  • FIXED: In the Jobs, Leads, or Documents tabs, when sorting by columns or applying filters, the system was not saving the sort order when navigating away from the page. Now it will remember the filter/sort so that if you navigate away the page and come back, your sort/filter configuration will automatically load. It won't reset to the default sort order.

  • FIXED: When creating an invoice with a zero balance due (i.e. applying a discount equal to the package price), the invoice's status was Pending. Now it's status will be Paid as soon as the invoice is created.

  • FIXED: On an invoice (and in the invoice list view under the Documents tab), the invoice balance was not updated when applying a payment.

  • FIXED: When sending a questionnaire from a contact (not a job), the questionnaire page would not load.

  • FIXED: When there were multiple quantities of a single product on an invoice, and the amount of a discount was larger than the single product, the tax was negative. 

  • FIXED: Draft invoices in the Documents tab were displaying a Pending status. They will now show a Draft status.

  • FIXED: On the client site, a paid invoice was missing the Paid In Full banner.

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