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Updates & Releases (May 16, 2018)

Version 1.8.0, 1.8.1, and 1.8.2

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Hi Everyone,

Exciting news! We released the Reports section today so that you can view some metrics on your business. There are analytics for sales, packages and products, referrals, and jobs. Check out this Help Center article to learn more.

We also fixed a bug where the current date was appearing as the payment date on an invoice's payment history when a manual payment was applied. Now the actual date the payment was made will appear in the payment history.

There was also a bug in the client's view of the proposal. The tax was showing incorrectly on steps 1 and 3 (but was appearing correctly on the invoice generated from the proposal). Now the tax is correct on all pages in the proposal.

And we fixed an issue with the studio logo not appearing on invoices and the company background image not appearing on contracts and questionnaires.

Happy Q'ing 

Geoffrey Dunn
Team ShootQ

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