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Learn to change the default sender email address from to your own email address

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By default, ShootQ is set up to send emails from the ShootQ server to help ensure that they are properly delivered and not redirected into Spam or Junk mail folders. This is the reason that the email address that correspondence is sent from by default is

When "Custom Email" is selected and DKIM has been has been verified, emails sent through ShootQ will be delivered with your studio name in the From field and any replies to the email will be sent to your studio email address (as well as getting logged in ShootQ with a job's Contacts & Emails section).

When "Standard Email" is selected, replies to emails sent from ShootQ will only be sent to the job's Contacts & Emails section.

For example, this email was sent from ShootQ using When the client replies, their response will be sent to the studio address and the job address (replies do not go to

However, instead of sending emails from, you could send them from ShootQ's servers using your own email address. This requires some advanced set up.

To get started go to Settings > Calendar & Email and scroll down to the Email Deliverability section.

By default, the Standard Email ( will be set. Before changing it to a Custom Email we highly recommend that you add a DKIM record to your Domain hosting provider (i.e. GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, etc.) to ensure your emails will be delivered properly to your clients. You will only be able to be able to set up a DKIM record for domain email addresses. Third party email addresses - like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. - do not allow you to set up this record and, for that reason, we do not recommend using them as your custom email.

To add a record, just follow these steps. They may vary slightly depending on your hosting provider. If you are not able to follow these steps, please contact your hosting provider's support team and let them know you are setting up a DKIM record. They should be able to help you.

Setting Up a DKIM Record

  1. Log in to your domain provider account.

  2. Navigate to the Zone File Editor for the domain name you want to update.

  3. Add a DNS Record

  4. Copy ‘domain_key (Host Name)’ from ShootQ Email Deliverability page

  5. Enter the subdomain of your host name, such as www or ftp. (e.g.  “”) (This field is labeled Host in the TXT (Text) section of the Zone File Editor.)

  6. Copy ‘dkim_txt_value’ from ShootQ Email Deliverability page

  7. Enter the value you want to assign to the record (e.g. k=rsa; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQE).

  8. TTL - Select how long the server should cache the information. (eg. 86400 (value is in seconds, equals 1 day))

  9. Refresh ShootQ Email Deliverability page

  10. ShootQ will verify that DKIM was setup properly

A green checkmark icon is displayed when DKIM is successfully setup and verified. 

A red exclamation icon is displayed when DKIM is unsuccessfully setup and verified. If you see a red exclamation, your emails that are sent from ShootQ will most likely be treated as spam. Please make sure your custom email address is verified before using it in ShootQ.

You can always change your Custom Email by clicking the 'Update' button. If you update to an email address on a different domain, you will need to create a DKIM for that domain as well.

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