Release Notes for June 26th

Huge release this week!

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Release notes - ShootQ Next Gen - Version 1.9.0

** New Features!
Referrals for contacts improved
Jobs - Convert Leads to 'Active' Job Status easier
Email - Schedule for Later
Email - Reply to Email Communication
Email - Automatically Email Contact’s on Anniversary or Birthday
Dashboard - Notification Center has a new Activity Feed
Dashboard - Scheduled Communication List
Job - Scheduled Communication
Email - Global Signature
Workflow - Product Workflows

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes
Dashboard - Task Due Date Hover
Workflow - Add ‘Job Personnel’ & ‘Account Members’ to Contact Recipient selection
Lead Board - Expand / Collapse Job Labels
Workflow - Add "!" badge if workflow is Not completed
Dashboard Tasks: Tasks with No Due Date Sorting
Dashboard Tasks: Tasks Due Tomorrow shows "In 0 Days"
Contract - 'Add Recipients' button on Send Contract step
 Product Workflow - Settings Layout
Product Workflow - Template Layout
Product Workflow - Tasks / Workflows
Product Workflow - Product Item
Product Workflow - Show / Hide Product Items
Job Workflow: Setting Event Duration
Job Workflow: Job Created From Contact Form Has No Main Event - Job Workflow Not Applied
List View - Save Sort Order
List Views - Sort on Filtered List
Job Workflow: Clicking 'Assign Workflow' multiple times Loads multiple modals
Payment Reminder Email: Invoice Is Paid then Refunded. Email Reminder No Longer Queued.
Job Workflow: Default Job Workflow Not Selected in Dropdown
Job Workflow - Set "Main Event" fields as non-editable
Leads - Save List View | Lead Board toggle preference
Job Workflow - Tasks Out of Order
Product Workflow - Product Due Date should update if Task Due Date is     Updated
Job Workflow - Assign Workflow and Tasks to 'Active' status on template
Email - Show Queued Birthday / Anniversary emails in Contact record Scheduled Communication list
Contact Referral: Contact Removed as Referral - List Still Shows as Referral
Product Workflow - Product / Service Items Associated with Package should display in Timeline if "Booked"
Email Signature: Double dash break Before Signature
Email Signature: Email renders signature with Paragraph tags
Signature Feedback: Signature on Queued Email is Set Once Created
Product Workflow - Completed Tasks don't disappear
Product Workflow - Add 'Invoice #' field on Product Item
Product Workflow - Void Invoice should remove Products from Timeline
Product Workflow - Duplicate Template Error
Task - Add Activity event for Activity Feed
Product Workflow - Tasks Set to Event Date
Automated Emails: Birthday/Anniversary Updated - Queued Emails Removed
Email Signature: Unable to Set Signature - Error Opening Settings

Templates - Order Contracts, Emails, and Questionnaires Alphabetically
Invoice - Add "Paid Date" field when Invoice is Paid In Full
Intercom - Add Job column on Company list view
Branding - Company Logo Favicon
Email - Compose modal optimization
Email - Add Additional Variables to Automated Invoice Emails
Contract - Mobile Buttons need padding between
Job - Default Filter on 'Active' Jobs
Calendar: refactoring
Proposal - Archiving Proposal should Void related Invoice
Contact - Requires Unique Email
Sign Up - Re-Add Promo from Sign Up Page
Scheduled Email Feedback - Default Time Zone
Client Site - My Contact Information Card Buttons
Product Workflow Template - Update Product Bubble based on Product Assigned
Tax Template - Update Tax setting default value to 'Apply tax proportionally'

** Improvement
Change Warning Message when Deleting Contact
Update Tool Tips
Do not load app until user data loaded

Squashed Bugs
    * [SQNG-1290] - Contacts > Merge Contacts - Does Not Show All Fields with Same Values
    * [SQNG-1677] - Proposal: Selected Contract, Chose to Resolved Error. After Continue, User is directed to Send Contract
    * [SQNG-1986] - Invoice - Tax Always Displays As Consolidated
    * [SQNG-2093] - Contract Template - Default Email Template
    * [SQNG-2166] - Create Proposal - No Back Button when Editing Package
    * [SQNG-2167] - Create Proposal - Customized Packages Are Added to the Proposal Without Clicking Save
    * [SQNG-2186] - Stripe Payment Form Defaulting to USD
    * [SQNG-2341] - Job Status - Restored Job shows as "New Lead"
    * [SQNG-2698] - Settings > Time Zone - GMT + 9 Missing
    * [SQNG-2774] - Contacts - Unable to Export Contacts in Firefox
    * [SQNG-2816] - Send Questionnaire - Email Template Variable Populates with Wrong Contact Name
    * [SQNG-2892] - Setup Guide: Timezone Set to Green Circle Even Before Timezone is Set
    * [SQNG-2912] - Invoice - Lump Sum Tax Calculated as Proportional on Invoice
    * [SQNG-2933] - Outbound Calendar Feed - Not All Events Appearing on External Calendar
    * [SQNG-2964] - Calendar: Scroll Will Try to Show Current Time Slot - Causes Scrolling Issue
    * [SQNG-2976] - Client Booking Site - Payment Dates Are Incorrect
    * [SQNG-3017] - Job (Firefox/Safari) - Assign Personnel Modal Layout Issue
    * [SQNG-3032] - Calendar - All Day Events Not Visible until Timezone set
    * [SQNG-3050] - Invoice - Weekly Scheduled Payments
    * [SQNG-3051] - Invoice - Bi-Monthly Scheduled Payments
    * [SQNG-3052] - Invoice - Monthly Scheduled Payments
    * [SQNG-3057] - Questionnaire - Email Template Applied Doesn't Apply Email Template Variables
    * [SQNG-3113] - Invoice: Client/Print View Item Option Indentation
    * [SQNG-3123] - Email - Emails fail if User or Company Names Contain a Comma
    * [SQNG-3151] - Dashboard Tasks: Filter Fixed to "Assigned to Me"
    * [SQNG-3157] - Lead Board - Last Activity for All Jobs is "Today"
    * [SQNG-3226] - Contract - Signature is Blank
    * [SQNG-3232] - Event - All Day Event is displayed incorrect in Edit modal
    * [SQNG-3260] - Account - Improve Error message when updating User Profile's Email with same email
    * [SQNG-3284] - Package: Adding Comma in Price Shows NaN Profit
    * [SQNG-3300] - Issue: When Pending Contract is Signed, Documents List Is Not Refreshed
    * [SQNG-3324] - Tax Line is Missing from Proposal Invoice
    * [SQNG-3326] - Standalone Invoice - Tax Label Not Displayed
    * [SQNG-3338] - Proposal Email - Attachments are Missing
    * [SQNG-3340] - Job - Add Contact - under "see all job contacts" job role drop down does not appear - can't edit contact
    * [SQNG-3353] - Event - Calendar Events Disappear When Moving Away from Current Week View
    * [SQNG-3358] - Prod: Malformed Emails Causes Contacts & Emails Page to Not Load Properly
    * [SQNG-3390] - Sentry Error: AttributeError: 'Invoice' object has no attribute 'contract' - Overdue Notice
    * [SQNG-3466] - Invoice: Clicking Send Multiple Times Creates Duplicate Invoices
    * [SQNG-3471] - Booking (Proposal): Payment Schedule is Off in Proposal Overview
    * [SQNG-3493] - Documents: Contracts Sent To Sorting or Filter
    * [SQNG-3502] - Lead list view - when filter applied there is no clear filter option
    * [SQNG-3513] - Invoice - Tax Id Not Displayed
    * [SQNG-3531] - Invoice: Job Is Deleted, Invoice Deleted, but Payment Not Removed in Outstanding Payments
    * [SQNG-3565] - Proposal: Day of Event Date Wrong
    * [SQNG-3585] - Job Sheet - Booking Package Details Not Rendering
    * [SQNG-3623] - Invoice: Categories From Templates Not Passed On to Invoice Records
    * [SQNG-3644] - Invoice - Proposals with Invoices that are 'Void' have blank status
    * [SQNG-3672] - Lead Board: Load Time Affected By Number of Jobs - Response Includes Archived Jobs
    * [SQNG-3687] - Schedule Communication: Email showing Up in Another Account
    * [SQNG-3688] - 1.8 - Error Sending Email
    * [SQNG-3690] - Migration - Jobs can't update the Event Date and Time after being migrated
    * [SQNG-3706] - Lead Workflow - Tasks marked complete via dashboard send two emails
    * [SQNG-3708] - Activities - Duplicate Activities are recorded in STAGE
    * [SQNG-3720] - Email Template - Variables Showing Incorrect Values in Payment Made Email
    * [SQNG-3732] - 1.8 - Email Duplicated when Sending Email From Job
    * [SQNG-3736] - 1.8 Balance Paid and Due are Incorrect in New Invoice
    * [SQNG-3738] - 1.8 - Safari - not loading.
    * [SQNG-3743] - Scheduled Email Feedback - Start Time defaults to NOW()
    * [SQNG-3745] - Scheduled Email Feedback - Sending Scheduled Email results in multiple communications queued email
    * [SQNG-3746] - Scheduled Email Feedback - No Scheduled Communication list on Contact record
    * [SQNG-3755] - 1.8 - Unable to Qualify Lead in Dashboard
    * [SQNG-3756] - Contacts - List View Filter Cleared, But List Reloads with Filter Enabled
    * [SQNG-3757] - Scheduled Email Feedback - Queued Overdue Emails Shown in Dashboard
    * [SQNG-3778] - Migration - Q2 Invoice doubled Custom Package Price and applied Discount
    * [SQNG-3780] - Login - Incorrect Password creates multiple 'Signup up for a free trial' labels (DEV)
    * [SQNG-3784] - 1.8.1 DEV - Sign Up: Login Fields Shown Below Sign Up Fields
    * [SQNG-3786] - Scheduled Email Feedback - Unable to Schedule from Contact record
    * [SQNG-3795] - Dev 1.8.1 - Log In As User - List Disappears on Scroll and On Search
    * [SQNG-3798] - Calendar Refactor: Edit Standalone Event, Fields Missing Info
    * [SQNG-3799] - Calendar Refactor: Job Filter Set, On Calendar Reload, Loads All Events
    * [SQNG-3808] - 1.8-Dev - Cannot Create Contact/Company
    * [SQNG-3816] - 1.8 Dev - Unable to Set Time for Event Workflow Action
    * [SQNG-3826] - 1.8 Dev - Unable to Add Events to Job Workflow Template
    * [SQNG-3828] - Scheduled Communication: Unable to Edit/Save Scheduled Email - Error: Enter a valid email
    * [SQNG-3840] - Product Workflow - Voided Invoice is Restored - Product Workflow Not Restored
    * [SQNG-3841] - Job - Event Date and Time Not Saving
    * [SQNG-3842] - 1.8 Dev - Compose Email Freezes If TimeZone Not Set
    * [SQNG-3847] - Contact - Update 'Job Contact' modal won't save
    * [SQNG-3848] - Contact - Unable to Delete contact record
    * [SQNG-3867] - - Error When Making Payment
    * [SQNG-3876] - Job - Update Job Status results in multiple (2) Activity Events
    * [SQNG-3886] - 1.8 DEV - astimezone error
    * [SQNG-3887] - 1.8 Dev - Tax Applied After Payment Schedule - Balance Due Issues
    * [SQNG-3889] - Job - Workflow Action Set to Job Personnel as Contact - Fails to Transition, Email Fails to Send
    * [SQNG-3894] - Contacts: Remove Merge Button From Contacts List
    * [SQNG-3896] - Questionnaire - Job Contact is Not populating on Send Questionnaire page
    * [SQNG-3898] - 1.8 Dev - Contact Without Email Set With Birthday/Anniversary - Email Scheduled
    * [SQNG-3899] - Lead Board - 'Qualify Lead' & 'Countersign Contract' action buttons Not Functioning - Throws Error
    * [SQNG-3902] - Migration - Timezone Not Set causes Error
    * [SQNG-3907] - Job - Header doesn't load until All Contacts are Loaded
    * [SQNG-3929] - Job Workflow: Event Type Dropdown Does Not Remain Open For Additional Events
    * [SQNG-3932] - Invoice: Big Pay Button On Send Invoice
    * [SQNG-3933] - Proposal (Booking): Contract Signed By Client - Not Saved
    * [SQNG-3934] - Automated Emails: Stage - Missing Templates and Variables
    * [SQNG-3943] - Email: Error Loading Email Template with Variables When Sending To Contact with Birthday/Anniversary Set.

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