July Release Notes
Lots of fixes this month so far
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We’ve had a big month of releases so far in July.   The contact form (which used to take 20 seconds to load) is now optimized and loading in seconds!  Try it out! 

This week we are releasing another 30 bug and feature fixes including:

-Better email delivery for your custom domain name
-Adding a lead via email
-BCC an email to a ShootQ address
-Send a quick email from the blue plus dropdown
-Adding Rich Text to package descriptions
-Enhanced job filters
-Calendar and Payment Fixes

….and a bunch of other small items.  

We have a new and improved billing system coming next week along with even more speed enhancements.  The final items to develop by the end of the summer are enhanced branding (more color and logo options for client facing pages) and multiple brand support.

This version of ShootQ is just the beginning.  It is the base for integrating with other systems and adding additional modules that will include Marketing, SMS texting, additional event booking capabilities and a lot more.  

So again, I thank you for your patience with us and just know we are committed to coming out with a system that is the best in the industry and one you can grow with for many years to come.  

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