August Release Notes
Updates and fixes for the week of August 6th, 2018
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This week we have added two new features and improved functionality on some of the existing pages. Here is what we've been up to: 


- Added variables to email templates so you can include package details in automated emails. These details include information on invoices, job, or contracts.  
- Contact form customization - you can now use variables on the "Thank You" screen shown to users after they complete a contact form. 


- Speed fix for the Documents > Proposals area loading. This was taking up to 15 seconds for some users with lots of jobs and now takes under 3.
- Invoice Add-on Prices:  Under some circumstances, an item with an Add-On was not included in the subtotal for some users.  Fixed!
- You can now edit sent invoices if it hasn't received payments yet, we are still working on the ability to edit it after a payment has been made.
- Separated workflow template pages so they are easier to navigate to in the settings area.

Next up is sales tax reporting, and multiple brands. The development team is hard at work on these features/updates and we look forward to rolling them out soon. 

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