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Booking Module for Sessions
Booking Module for Sessions
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The booking module for Sessions (and other session types) lets you set up dates for your sessions and specify their durations. You can then add a link to your website or email your clients. They, in turn, can choose an available time and make a payment to reserve their session. 

Session Module

This booking module is ideal for sessions where you need to schedule many quick shoots on a single day (or over several days). It can also be used for other types of sessions, too.

First, go to the Booking tab and click Create > Session in the upper right. This will open up the Create Session modal.

Give your event a name, set the event's location, a brief description of the event, and the duration of each session.

Then set the time range for your event and dates. For multi-day events, click on the days under "Days Available".

Then set your price for you sessions, if there is one.  Choose a payment method for the client. You'll need to have a merchant account integrated into ShootQ to be able to see your payment options. You can also upload an image that will show on your client facing pages.

After the session is created you can copy the link and add it to your website or blog, or you can email it out to your clients.

When they click on the link, they can select a date and time in the calendar and enter their name, phone number, and email address. They can make a payment by clicking 'Reserve'.

After making a payment, they'll see a confirmation on the screen and will receive an automatic confirmation via email.

In the ShootQ jobs section, a new active job will be created. It will also contain the customer's invoice.

Under the Booking tab, there will be list of your sessions (and workshops). 

Click on the event name to see who has signed up for a session, when they paid, and what their time slot is. If necessary, you can issue a refund here or on the invoice itself. And you can always copy the registration link, too.

You can also send an email to your clients individually or to the entire group.

And just click the 'Edit' button if you need to modify the event's information.

The Session module is designed to streamline the booking process for jobs that don't require a more elaborate proposal. As you can see, they are quick and easy alternative to booking clients for certain types of jobs and events.

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