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Booking Module for Workshops
Booking Module for Workshops
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The Workshop Module lets your clients register for a workshop on a specific date and make a payment. You can set the date, duration of the workshop, number of registrants, and the amount of the payment.

Workshop Module

The Workshop module is very similar to the Session Module except it allows for multiple clients to register for a single event.

To get started just click Create New > Workshop under the Booking tab. 

In the Workshop modal, give your event a name, location, and description. Then specify spots available. Once again, you can add multiple days for the event by clicking 'Days Available'.

Then set the payment method, price, and upload an image (optional). If necessary you can make the workshop 'Free' if it's a charity event.

When the workshop is saved, you can post the link to your website, blog, or social media sites (or you can email it to your client base).

Your clients can then register for the workshop by clicking on the available time on the calendar and make a payment. Once the workshop reaches its maximum limit, no further clients will be able to enroll in it.

Clients will see a confirmation screen and also receive an automated email confirmation as well.

In ShootQ, a new active job will be automatically created for the client which will contain their invoice as well. You can refund the invoice if necessary in this section or under the Booking tab.

In the Booking tab, you can review who has registered for workshop just by clicking on the workshop title. You can also Edit its details if necessary. And you can always find the registration link here.

The Workshop Module is designed to streamline the booking process for jobs that don't require a more elaborate proposal. As you can see, they are quick and easy alternative to booking clients for certain types of jobs and events.

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