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Booking Module for Meetings
Booking Module for Meetings
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The Booking Module can also be used to easily schedule client meetings, sales sessions, or any type of client meeting that can have repeating weekly time blocks.

To get started click the Booking tab and click Create > Session in the upper right. This will open up the Create Session modal.

Give your meeting a name, set the location, add brief description about the meeting, and chose how long the meetings will be.  You can add a buffer for the time in between meetings.

Then set a date range for when you are available for meetings. After selecting the date range, click on the days you want your meetings under "Days Available".

Set the meeting to Free.

Chose a client meeting confirmation email that you can create in the settings section.

For your last option, you will want to uncheck the “Create a job when reserving this session” box so that these reservations will only show up as meetings and will not show in your Jobs Queue.

After the session is created you can copy the link and add it to your website or blog, or you can email it out to your clients.

When your client clicks on the link, they can select a date and time in the calendar and enter their name, phone number, and email address to reserve their meeting spot.

As soon as one of your clients makes a reservation to meet, you will be able to view the meeting on your calendar.

Using the Booking Module for meetings is quick and easy way to keep your process organized and streamlined.

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