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Job Details Templates
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Job Details Templates allow you to create custom fields where you can ask your client more detailed information about their event.

To get started click on Settings > Jobs & Contacts > Job Details. Click on the "+" symbol to create a new template.

Give your template a name. Then assign a Job Type. The Job Details Template will appear when you edit or create a new job and assign the Job Type chosen.

Next you can edit your default fields where you can have them as Visible, Required, or Read Only. Under the Job Details Settings you can set a time limit on how long your clients have to edit  these Job Details.

To create Additional Job Details click on, "Add Field".  Here you will put questions you would like your clients to answer. For example, "How many bridesmaids and groomsmen do you have?" For a question like this you would need the field to be answered with text.  You will need to select "Text" in the dropdown under "Type".  You also, have the ability to show a calendar which will make it easier for your clients to answer questions that involve a date.  There are also checkboxes for making these questions "Visible" and/or "Required" for your client to answer.

Once you have completed your template click on "Create".

When creating or editing a job you can insert your Job Details Template by choosing the Job Type you associated your Additional Job Details with.

This is what your client will see when you send them your proposal under the Event Details section.

Using the Job Details Templates is a great way for you to get additional information from your clients up front.

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