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Customize how elements of your invoices are displayed for your clients

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You can customize certain items on an invoice and choose how they are displayed to your clients. Let's take a look at these customizations.

Navigate to Settings > Payments, Invoices, & Taxes and scroll down to the Invoices section.

If necessary, you can have your tax identification number appear on your invoices. In the first field set the name of the tax id (for example, ABN, EIN, etc). The second field is where you add the actual identification number. This information would appear on an invoice with your studio information.

There are also two settings that will simplify how the breakdown of your items will appear on an invoice.

By default, the itemized prices of the product and services in your packages will not be visible on an invoice. Only the package price will be visible to your clients. By checking "Display itemized prices on all invoices", your clients instead will see the individual prices of the products and services in addition to the package price.

The "Display consolidated taxes on Invoice" setting is applicable if you have multiple taxes on an invoice and you only want to show your clients the consolidated amount, not individual taxes. For example, if you are collecting local tax (5%) and state tax (4%), there would only be one line item called "Tax" and it would show the consolidated amounts.

Finally, you can add a customized message to your invoices that your clients will be able to view. This is good place to append additional instructions or clarifications to your invoices.


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