Creating Payment Schedules

Configure pre-set payment schedules that can be used on multiple jobs

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Many of you may have different payment schedules for different types of situations. For example, a Wedding may have five payments as part of the schedule while a Portrait session may just have two. And the amounts collected per payment may change from situation to situation.

ShootQ allows you to save multiple payment schedules as presets so that you can quickly and easily choose one when booking a client.

To build a payment schedule template, navigate to Settings > Payments, Invoices, & Taxes and scroll down to the Payment Schedule Templates section.

Click the "plus" icon to create a new template and give it a name like Wedding, Portrait, Commercial, etc.

Then begin building your payment schedule by clicking the "Add Payment" button. Payments can be a specific amount, remaining balance, or a percentage of the total or the balance.

Then add the amount of the payment and choose a due date. Due dates can be set in relation to the booking or job date. They can also be set to a specific date.

Save your payment and then, if necessary, repeat this process for the other payments in your schedule. You can have as many payments as necessary in a template.

Once all of the payments have been created, save your work. When creating a proposal or invoice, this preset schedule will now appear in your list of options. The schedule will automatically load when you select it. You can also edit the preset schedule for a particular client if necessary.

You can also edit, duplicate, and archive a template. When a template is archived it can then be deleted completely from the system.

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