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Create re-usable contract templates

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Contract templates allow you to use the same contract over and over again for multiple jobs. You won't have to constantly modify it for each client.

To get started, go to Settings > Templates > Contracts

Click the "plus" icon to create a new template. Give your contract a name that will be visible to the client.

Then either manually type or copy/paste your contract text into the window below. The real power behind templates comes from Variables. They are placeholders for client or event information. When the template is used on an actual job, the variables will auto-populate with the appropriate info for that job. In this way, you can use the same template over and over again without having to modify it each job.

To insert a variable into your contract, just double-click on it in the variable list. You can also remove a variable from your contract by using the Delete button on your keyboard.

You will not need to add signature fields to a template. These  fields are automatically created by ShootQ when you send your client a contract.

Once saved, a template can always be edited, duplicated, or archived. You can completely delete a template from ShootQ once it is archived. Deleting it will not remove any instances of contracts that were using that template; it just deletes the template for future use. 

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