Job Types, Job Roles, and Event Types

Configure important job-related settings

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In this article we are going to talk about setting up three important settings related to jobs. Job Types will allow you to define the kinds of jobs you do (i.e. Wedding, Portrait, Commercial, etc). Job Roles are the roles that people associated with a given job will have. For example, a wedding might have roles for bride, groom, event coordinator, etc. And finally we'll discuss Event Types which are the kinds of events associated with a job (i.e. meetings, appointments, engagement sessions, etc).

Job Types

Navigate to Settings > Jobs > Job Types and click the "New Job Type" button to create a new type. You can label your job type and also change its color by clicking on the colored dot. This color will be visible in various places on the website where job type is listed. These types will be available whenever you create a new job.

Job Roles

You can set up the roles for people associated with your jobs under Settings > Jobs > Job Roles. Whenever you add a person to a job you will be able to designate their role. Some examples of roles might be Bride, Groom, Client, Parent, Florist, Coordinator, Student, etc.

Event Types

Jobs can have additional events added to them. Event Types can refer to meetings, appointments, sessions and any other point of interaction with your client on a job. For example, a Wedding might have events called Engagement Session, Reception, Rehearsal Dinner, etc. Maternity photographers might create events called 3 Month Session, 6 Month Session, etc. More general event types could be Consultation, Viewing Session, Meeting, etc. You can create any sort of type of event that is relevant to your business under Settings > Jobs > Event Types

You can also color code the event type. This color will show up in various area of the website (like the Calendar) and is a visual indicator of the event type.

Here is an example of a Portrait session with several events (Consult, Portrait Session, Ordering Session). When adding an event, your event types can be selected in the drop down menu. In the example, the event being added is an Ordering Session.

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