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Configure re-usable email templates for corresponding with clients

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Many times the same email is used over and over again for correspondence with a variety of clients. For example, you may want to send a "Thank You for Booking Me" email after booking a client. Instead of typing this email out for every client, you can save time by creating email templates. With a click of a button, the body of the email will populate with your template. And by incorporating variables into your templates, you can customize the template for each shoot.

To configure these templates, navigate to Settings > Templates > Emails.

Click the "plus" button to add a new template. This will open the full Email Template Interface and you can now assign a Name (Internal) that your studio will use to identify the email and a Subject Line that will be presented to the client.

Then begin typing the text into the window for the body of the email. You'll probably want to add variables as well. Just like in contract templates, these are placeholders of information which will auto-populate with specific info when the template is used on a job. Adding variables allows the template to be used over and over again for multiple clients without having to modify the email every time.

You can add variables from the toolbar at the bottom. There are variables for Client, Event, and Company details. Just double-click on a variable in the list to insert it into the template.

The toolbar also has other formatting options like font size, font color, bulleted and numbered lists, etc.ย 

To add a hyperlink into the template, just highlight the text in the template and then click the link icon in the toolbar to add your URL.

You can also add any web-hosted image to the email simply by positioning the cursor where you want the image to appear, clicking on the Image button and typing the image's URL into the resulting pop-up window. Although you can't upload an image from your desktop, this feature will allow you to grab any image that is hosted online (that belongs to you, of course) and add it to your template. Just Control click (for Mac users) or right click (for Windows folks) on the image to copy the image URL and you're all set. You can then resize the image once it is in the email interface.

Attachments can also be uploaded to the template.

When you send an email from a job, you can select the template from your list and the variables will automatically render with information from that job. You can always modify the email, too, before sending it to the client.

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