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Links to articles showing you how to set up and modify your ShootQ account settings

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All of our help articles for configuring the Settings tab in ShootQ are located in the Getting Started section of the Help Center. There are also videos in the Training Videos section. 

Here are links directly to specific articles.

User Profile and Company Information - Update passwords, usernames, email addresses, and company info like currency, logo, address, etc.

Calendar and Emails - Sync a calendar to the ShootQ calendar.

Team and User Roles - Add users to your account, define their roles, and set their permission and access levels.

Job Types, Job Roles, and Event Types - Define what types of you jobs and events you do, and also create roles for your contacts on a job.

Contract Templates - Create re-usable contracts.

Proposal Templates - Set up pre-defined proposal settings like collection type, payment schedule, discounts, taxes, and expiration date

Email Templates - Create re-usable templates for emails.

Questionnaire Templates - Create customizable, re-usable questionnaires you can email to your clients.

Pricing: Products & Services - Manage, create, and modify the products you sell.

Pricing: Packages - Create preset packages from your products and services.

Merchant Accounts - Allow your clients to pay their invoices via credit card by integrating a merchant account into ShootQ.

Discount Templates - Create re-usable discounts for invoices.

Tax Templates - Set up your tax rates and tax configurations.

Payment Schedule Templates - Set up pre-defined payment schedules for your invoices.

Invoice Settings - Add a Tax ID, hide itemized product pricing, and consolidate multiple tax rates on an invoice.

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