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You can add the ShootQ contact form to your website so that a lead will be created in ShootQ automatically whenever someone fills out the form. ShootQ will then notify you via email that you have a new lead.

To set up the contact form, navigate to Settings > Contact Form, Themes, & Referral Tracking

Referral Types

Before setting up your contact form you may want to create a list of standard referrers so clients can let you know who recommended them to you. These referrers can then be added into a drop down menu on the contact form. Anyone filling out the form will be able to tell who referred them. You can add new referrers in the upper right corner. You can also edit or archive existing referrers.


You'll also want to customize the look and feel of your contact form under the Themes section. You can change the color of the Text, Background, Buttons, and Button Text on the contact form.

You can also designate whether the form will have square or rounded corners. And you can also change the label for the Submit button. By default it will say "Submit" but you can change it to anything you want - like "Send Message", "Send", "Submit Message", etc. 

If you enable the Google Maps option, a map of the studio's location will appear at the top of the form like in the following example.

You can create multiple themes if you intend to have more than one contact form.

Contact Form

After you've set up your referral list and theme, you can then configure your form. First give your form a name so that you can identify it. Clients will not see the name.

The Welcome Message will be displayed at the top of the contact form.

Next set up the fields on your contact form. You can change the names of these fields if you want. For example, "Email" can be changed to "Email Address" or "Phone" can be updated to "Phone Number". Just type in whatever you would like to have displayed on the form.

For Job Type, make sure you check which types will be selectable on the form. These types can be created under Settings > Jobs > Job Types

You can also add some additional fields - like Event Date, Event Location, Address, etc - to the form, too. Make the option visible and then set it to Required if necessary.

If you add fields for Referral Type and Job Role, just make sure you select the options you want to make available to the client.

The Thank You Message will appear after the client submits their information. You can also automatically redirect a lead to another page on your website after they read the welcome message. In the example below, I'm redirecting them to the home page on my website. The lead will be redirected five seconds after the welcome message appears.

We also recommend enabling CAPTCHA. This will prevent spam bots from submitting spam leads on your contact form.

In the upper right, you can configure your auto-response email. Clients will receive this immediately after filling out the form.

Choose a theme from your list. This will determine how the contact form will look.

There is also a Preview button if you want to view your form.

You can copy the contact form link to add it as a hyperlink on your website so that when a client clicks the "Contact" tab, your ShootQ contact form will be displayed. You can also embed the link on a page on your website if you prefer.

Last but not least, make sure you save your contact form. If necessary, you can create multiple forms to be used on different sites. For example, you can have one form for your website and another one for your blog. You could also use the same form on multiple sites.

Whenever someone fills out your contact a job will be created and the main contact will be added to the Contacts tab as well. The information collected on the form (i.e. Event Date, Job Type, etc.) will then auto-populate in the appropriate section in ShootQ

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