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Set up re-usable discount templates

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Sometimes you may use the same discount over and over on multiple invoices. For example, maybe you want to give a 10% discount to your most loyal customers. To save time, you can simply create a saved discount that is easily selectable when creating a new invoice for these clients.

To configure these templates, navigate to Settings > Payments, Invoices & Taxes > Discount Templates.

Click the "plus" button and give your new discount a title. This title will appear on an invoice as a line item so make sure it is appropriate to whatever discount you're creating. 

You can apply the discount as percentage (i.e. 10%) or a fixed dollar amount (i.e. $100).

Then determine when you want the discount to be applied - Before or After taxes are calculated on the invoice

If you select Before Taxes, you have additional options to apply it to the order subtotal or against the retail price of products or services in the package. 

For example, a package may contain a service (session fee) and some products (canvas print and leather album). If you designate a 10% discount to apply to the service then it will only be calculated against the session fee's retail price (it will not factor in the products' prices - canvas and album). 

When you've saved your discount, you then easily select it the next time you create a proposal or invoice.

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