Setting Up Pricing: Packages

Configuring pre-set packages to offer your clients during the booking process

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Once you have your Products and Services set up, it will be easy to create preset Packages that you can select when creating a proposal or invoice for a client. Packages can be as elaborate as a wedding package and include many items like albums, prints, a photo booth, etc. Or they can be as simple as a portrait package that only includes a session.

To get started navigate to Settings > Products & Pricing > Packages

Just like Products and Services, Packages can be categorized for better organization which is helpful if you have many packages. To create, modify, or delete categories just click the Manage Categories button.

To create a new package, click the "Add New" button. You will be directed to a page where you can configure your new package.

On the far right, you can categorize your package if you want. You can also give it a name and description. The description field is a good place to elaborate on what is included in the package. It will be visible to the client in a proposal. It can also be added to a contract as a variable.

NOTE: The description field does not appear on an invoice. Only the Package Contents will be visible on the invoice (they appear as line items).

You can add the package's products and services into the Product Contents section by either dragging/dropping an item from the left side or by clicking the plus button next to an item. Then you can set the quantity of each product. If your product/service has options you can select them in the drop down menu. And if you need to remove an item, just click the 'X' on the far right.

Enabling Add-Ons allows your client to add additional items to the package during the booking process. They are a great way to upsell your clients during the booking process but they are not required. The items you add will appear on a page in the clients proposal if they have selected this particular package. The client then has the option to add any of them to their package.

Finally you should set the price of the package in the "Selling Price" field. It will default to the total of the individual items in the Package Contents section but you can make it more or less if you desire. This is the price that the client will be paying. NOTE: The Selling Price should not include taxes. These are applied when an invoice is created. You can also adjust the Cost of Goods Sold and the Shipping Fees for the package if necessary.

After saving your package, it will appear in your active list. You can always edit, copy, or archive it. When a package is archived it is moved to the "Archived" section. It can then be completely deleted from the system if necessary.

Now that you have set up your packages, you can easily select them when creating a proposal or invoice. These preset packages can always be customized for a particular client as well. But having packages already created will help you save time when booking a client.

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